Ice Skating…





Today we went up to Alyeska Ski Resort.  Obviously there was no skiing, but they still run the lifts.  There are 7 glaciers in the area and we spent some time playing at the base of one.  Couldn’t go on the glacier as we were advised there were crevaces covered in snow.  It was beautiful up there to say the least.  And cold.  We hiked a long way up to the glacier as you can see in the pictures.  The kids enjoyed playing in the glacier run-off and breaking the ice off the rocks and eating it.  I’ve still got to get a better camera.  The video camera does well for video but not so great for still pictures.  Or maybe it’s operator error.  We met a couple ski junkies on the mountain and one has volunteered to give Hayden one on one Snowboarding lessons.  He is also gonna help us get set up with some quality gear.  Hayden is really excited.  Yesterday four bears were spotted in the area but today we didn’t get to see any.

Flat Top Mountain

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Sunday after church we hiked up to Flat Top Mountain in the Chugach State Park.  It was incredible, but cold.  We all had a great time and Elvis went nuts running around and playing.  I can’t seem to get videos to load but here are some pictures.  It started snowing while we were up there!  There are seven different trails and we intend to hike all seven.  Probably will be spring before some are safe, though.  Oh yeah, if you’re reading this go buy stock in North Face.  We’ve already spent a small fortune just outfitting the kids.  Haven’t started on Joy or I, yet.  The video is raw and uncut.  The first one was actually Friday afternoon, and the second is the one from Sunday.  Oh yeah, on the second one you’ll have to excuse something Isobel says about minute 1:25, but this is why we’re in Alaska.


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Finally, tonight we’ve moved into our “permanent” residence.  And best of all we have internet and tv.  Yipee.  We’ve been staying temporarily in a one bed room apartment about the size of our living room back home.  It’s late but I just wanted to say that we finally have internet and I’ll be able to post more often.  Work has been tough, our stuff is not here yet, nor are our vehicles.  Still living out of suitcases and we rotate sleeping on the air matress, couch, and double bed.  But life is good and God is great.  The kids are adjusting pretty well to school.  Joy is going to the Y across the street from the apartment everyday.  Things are settling down and that is good.  Kind of dreading that shipping container showing up as we have moved from roughly 2100 square feet into about 1000.  Thanks for all the comments and emails.  Hopefully now we can start responding to them more often.  Oh yeah, we saw two moose the other day on the highway.  Those are HUGE creatures.  And I understand pretty tasty, too.

Eagle River State Park


Today (Saturday 9/13/08) we drove up to Eagle River State Park.  Roughly 30 minutes from downtown Anchorage.  The kids needed a break from house hunting.  To say this place is beautiful is the understatement of the year.  Words can’t desribe how beautiful this place is.  Unfortunately I haven’t quite figured out my camera and some of the photos just don’t look that great.  We ran into a couple that was hiking the 27 miles in and 27 back out.  Smart folks!  They were using Llamas to carry some of the load.  Here are some of the pictures.  Enjoy…

We’re here….

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Hayden and I got in on Wednesday night late.  Spent Thursday saying “dude, can you believe we are in Alaska?”  And looking for somewhere to live.  I think we finally found an apartment this morning (Friday).  Hopefully it will work out.  Not exactly the type of “living” I want but it will do in the short term.  Once we sell our house hopefully our options will increase.  We can’t move in until Tuesday the 16th so it looks like another few days of $140 a night hotels.  Joy and Isobel got here today and are exhausted from the flights.  Anchorage is a beautiful city.  Snow capped mountains and Cook Inlet border the city.  I’ll add some photos and video as soon as I get a faster internet connection.  More later…..

Joy and Isobel Arriving..



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I decided to start this blog to document our family’s journey from comfort and security here in Brunswick to the unknowns of Alaska.  Please check back often as I’ll update frequently (I hope).  Feel free to post a comment if you wish.  Hal