No computer..

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Hey, thanks for visiting the blog.  Wanted to let you know we will be without a computer for about 10 days so check back then for lots of updates.



Hatcher Pass


Powerline Trail at Chugach State Park

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It snowed in the mountains all day on Friday so after supper we decided to drive up to a new trail we haven’t been to called Powerline Trail in the Chugach State Park.  On the way up we all got excited at the snow on the ground.  Hayden was shooting video out the window and you can hear the excitement in the kid’s voices.  When we got up there a couple was coming off the trail and said they had seen some Moose.  About a half mile down the trail we came up on a loan bull moose that had bed down right off the trail.  We got pretty close but couldn’t pass him because we had Elvis with us and I didn’t want the Moose to get spooked.  Today after I worked a few hours we went back up to the same trail to see if we could get a little farther.  We had a great time and saw several more Moose from a little farther away.  It was great and I think Joy was the most fascinated by the animals.  The pictures and videos are a mixture of yesterday and today.


On the way up Friday night-

The trail and Moose-


The kids playing-