Jess and Megan at Glen Alps

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We took the girls up to Glen Alps and the foot of Flat Top mountain today.  The snow was drifted 4 to 5 feet in places.


Sledding at Arctic Village

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Today (11/25) we took the kids sledding at a place called Arctic Village.  The sled run is about a quarter mile long with lots of bumps and twists and turns.  Joy would drive the truck back down the road to the bottom to pick us up and take us back to the top.  Of course Joy and I both hurt ourselves.  Joy fell on her back and I hit a stump at about 30 mph and am sure I cracked a rib.  The kids had a blast, though.  Here is some video of us coming down the bottom run…

Moose in the yard….

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On November 10 I sent Hayden out with Elvis (his dog).  He came running back in the house saying there were Moose in the neighbor’s yard.  He was standing in the yard and heard them breathing.  Scared him to death when he looked over and saw them.  We took some video of them.  After the video, they stood up and walked through our small back yard while we were standing on the porch.

Seward, AK

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During the month we had no computer we took a couple of short trips.  One was to Seward on the Kenai Penninsula.  It was a cold day and most of the town was closed down but it was a gorgeous drive.  We saw our first Dall Sheep, our first Black Bear, and our first Bald Eagle.

Sledding at Kincaid Park


Today, right after we got the new comuter set up (finally), we loaded up and went to Kincaid Park to do some sledding.  We had a really good time.  Check out the video…..

Jessica and Megan Arriving

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Finally, after over two months, we were able to wrap our arms around Jessica’s neck.  We have all missed her so much.  The kids have been counting the days for the last two weeks.  She and Megan arrived late on Friday night.  We finally all got to bed around 4:30 AM (8:30 AM to them)  Here is a little video….