Begin the journey…

The journey…..


The journey to Alaska has intensified.  First though, the background..

Ever have that feeling deep in your gut, kind of the nagging yet not unbearable desire to do, or accomplish, or create, and you spend years trying to figure out what it is?  Cause you are not even sure.  A feeling as if you are being drawn to something?  Well, that’s kind of how we ended up on this path to Alaska, the last great frontier.  Even as a child I always admired the spirit and guts it takes for Alaskans simply to survive.  I’ve read and watched about the great arctic explorers, the gold miners, the mushers, etc.  And of course the hunters and fisherman.  Roughly two years ago when one of the greatest men to walk the Earth passed away, my Poppa, I began to subconsciously examine my own mortality.  It was then that the desire to see, explore, accomplish, and experience began to intensify.  Now I know there are things our mortal minds cannot even appreciate that we will experience in our heavenly home, but I want to reach out here on Earth, too.  And I want my wife and children too, also.  What greater experience for the kids then to sit around later in life talking about their time in Alaska?  Anyway, I felt this pull to go there and “experience” what Alaska is.  I started researching employment up there.  From state trooper to private management to park service ranger.  I even applied for two positions.  Then, one day, sitting at my desk at work I decided to send an email.  Oh how did people live without email?  I went on the USPS Alaska district website, and found several of the “bosses” and fired off an email describing myself and my desire to work there.  All the while knowing I would never hear from them.  Oh yeah, this was a Thursday.  Well Friday I’m walking into Franks (my boss) office.  He said to sit down.  Uh oh, not good…  I do and he says “what the hell is this about Alaska?”  See one of the ladies I sent the email to forwarded it to the PM of Anchorage and he called Frank to check me out.  Ever gets those goose bumps and hair standing on the back of your neck.  Along with a shot of adrenaline that cases your hands to shake.  Well, there I was, sitting on the couch in his office, going through all three.  I couldn’t believe it.  They wanted me to come up on a detail.  I guess now would be a good time to mention that I had casually mentioned to Joy what my intentions were.  About the previous job applications and stuff.  Anyway I called her and we were both scared, yet excited.  Well, to make a long story short, over the period of a couple weeks the detail fell through.  The district manager up there didn’t want to spend that kind of money.    And heck, I don’t blame her.  Joy and I had planned to take the kids out of school and go, enrolling them up there.  Oh well.  Maybe it wasn’t the Lord’s will after all.  Ever struggle with that?  I guess within a week the boss from up there called and told me he had checked me out and that if I wanted the job it was mine.  Mine?  I can’t breathe.  My stomach…  I called Joy immediately.  Same response as mine.  “Hang on, let me catch my breath.”  What do we do?  He wants me there now.  He’ll pay to move us, our cars, trips to find a home, even buy our house if we can’t sell it.  Decision time.  When you’ve lived somewhere all your life it’s not easy to decide to leave.  We agonized for a couple days.  What about our friends?  What about our church?  What about our Honduras missions?  What about Mimi and grandpa?  Nana Re and Poppie?  Nana?  Our business? Sisters, cousins?  Security?  Comfort?  All that was about to be gone….  But how “could” we turn it down?  Chances like this rarely come around even once?  So we agreed to go.  Now we have to tell people.  Ouch.  What reactions will we get?  We people support us?  I mean, this is God’s will, right?  Starting to question that even about this point.  I mean, we’ve been in prayer, but sometimes it’s difficult to discern god’s will from our own.  Long story short, the reaction from family and friends has been much more positive that I anticipated.  Sure, there are those that think we are buts?  But the theme for most has been positive.  So here we are.  We’re going.  Less than two weeks to go.  More like 10 days.  Had two garage sales, gave stuff away, threw stuff away.  House is listed and within three days two people are scheduled to come see it.  Wow!  Are we scared?  Of course.  We are giving up literally everything we know.  Have.  Own.  Relationships.  Everything.  Except we will maintain the relationships with those we love.  And pray that our father in heaven guides us, steers us, continues to open doors, close doors.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 20:43:04

    Wow, think of the thought that ran through our minds: “Are you crazy”, but at the same time, “wow, how exciting?”. It has all happened so fast. That’s the hardest thing, is we are all still in shock. But I know this: when God is in it, how can I be against it? I told mama (Linda) the other day as we watched Joy and Isobel fly off, that when I moved to Vidalia, all I knew was I had to do it. I can’t explain why, but I knew if I didn’t, I would be making a big mistake. I know the distance is no where near the same comparison, but I can relate to the decision. We all want nothing but the best for all of you, and man, even though it really hurts to think I can’t touch you or be near you, knowing you are all happy and prospering sort of eases the heart ache.


  2. kdaacrawford
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 07:01:31

    Bravery comes to mind when I think of you guys in Alaska. The risks that you have taken will be shortly forgetten with new memories, friends, and a new found love. Yes, we miss you all, however you have the opportunity of a life time. You are able to show your children a different culture, and defenetly a different climate. Sometimes we here in the lower 48 do not appreciate how easy we have it, and I think your stories and pictures might bring us a new appreciation. This is a great move you have made for your family and I know in my heart the Lord is behind it. He has his reasons even if we don’t know them right away. They say love grows stronger in smaller houses, so I guess you guys are fixing to prove that right. Please keep sending pictures and keep in touch. We love you all.


  3. TYLER!
    Nov 24, 2008 @ 22:21:20

    Sooo, since you moved to Alaska and all, how are you gonna use your free “take Tyler hunting” pass? Just been curious about that.

    I was chatting it up with Jessica and she told me abou your little webpage. It’s pretty neat. The snow looks like alot of fun!

    Hope everything is well.

    & Stay warm, if that’s possible.


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